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Weight Loss
Weight Loss services offered in East Valley, Gilbert, AZ

Many people struggle with their weight, even when making concerted efforts to change their diet and get more exercise to drop those unwanted pounds. Ginni Orava, LE, and the team at Integrative Rejuvenation understand the weight loss struggle. In addition to diet and exercise guidance, the wellness and aesthetic practice offers Semaglutide, an injection that assists with weight loss. For professional help with weight loss, call the office in Gilbert, Arizona, or schedule an appointment online today.

Why is weight loss hard?

Weight loss is hard because changing your diet and increasing your activity may not be enough to help you reach your weight goals. 

Yes, a healthy diet and exercise are important when it comes to weight management, but there are multiple factors that affect your weight and ability to lose it, such as:

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Genetics
  • Medical history
  • Types of medication you take
  • Sleep habits
  • Hormones

You may lose weight eating less and moving more, but you may struggle to keep it off.

At Integrative Rejuvenation, the team of wellness experts understand the struggles you face when it comes to weight loss and take a comprehensive approach to weight loss that includes all the factors that make weight loss hard for you.

What can I expect during a weight loss consultation?

You can expect a thorough evaluation when you visit Integrative Rejuvenation for a weight loss consultation. The team asks detailed questions about your weight and weight loss goals. They ask about your usual diet and exercise habits, daily routine, stressors, and how well you sleep.

The team reviews your medical history and performs a physical exam. They may run lab work to assess your health and look for health conditions that might influence your weight and ability to lose weight.

After your consultation, the team creates a personalized weight loss plan to help you reach your goals. This plan includes nutrition guidelines, an exercise program, and behavioral therapy.

How does Semiglutide work?

The team at Integrative Rejuvenation understands how frustrating it is to make the lifestyle changes necessary to lose weight, but still struggle to reach your goals. To support your efforts, they offer the Semaglutide injection. 

Semiglutide is Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved for the treatment of chronic weight management. It may help you lose weight by increasing the release of insulin from the pancreas. Insulin is a hormone that moves glucose (sugar) from the blood into cells where it’s used for energy.

In addition to improving energy, Semiglutide also slows the movement of food through your stomach, helping you feel full longer so you eat less.

When it comes to weight loss, no single method works for all. For a personalized plan and medical support, call Integrative Rejuvenation or schedule an appointment online today.


NP consultation covered by most insurances
1st injection $80
Package of 4 injections for $400