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Scars are very common and may be located anywhere, including the face and body. While most scars aren't problematic, certain scars are unappealing and unsightly. Depending on where the scar is placed, scar revision may be performed to improve how it looks. Our team in Gilbert, AZ performs scar revision at Integrative Rejuvenation, which is a cosmetic treatment that aims to decrease the size and improve your scar's appearance. By utilizing Opus® Plasma technology, our team is pleased to provide this noninvasive and effective procedure to lessen scarring.


How much does scar revision cost?

The cost of scar revision is based on where your scars are located, the type of scar, and the general size of the scar. While at your consultation, we will evaluate the treatment area and provide a cost estimation of your procedure.

Does scar revision eliminate the original scar?

Unfortunately, scars cannot be completely eliminated. But based on the size of the scar and its location, the appearance of many scars can be dramatically reduced through the noninvasive scar revision process.

Are there other nonsurgical options for scar revision?

Scars that are indented or concave could benefit from the use of an injectable filler. There are a wide variety of fillers out there that may be considered. During your initial consultation, we can assess the treatment area to help you determine which procedure you will benefit from the most.

Can scar revision be combined with another procedure?

Scar revision may be used in addition to a dermal filler or skin resurfacing. Laser treatments are notably fitting if you are interested in treating multiple skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation or rough skin texture. It’s critical that you discuss all your goals with us so we can provide the most comprehensive treatment plan possible.

Does scar revision hurt?

Since some form of anesthesia is used, patients generally have minimal pain during the procedure. After the treatment, you could feel sore, itchy, or experience some redness and inflammation.


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